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 I want to sell my account/buy an account - now what?

You are permitted to sell your account if you so choose. However, you do so with the following understandings:

  • FinalMotive/Pixabit Inc. and our affiliates will not be held responsible if your attempts to sell/buy an account results in a monetary or other loss for you.
  • We will not assist in sales or respond to support questions related to account sales.
  • This is a buyer/seller beware situation, you assume all risks.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You may not purchase items, cash, points or other game tangibles or intangibles from other players using PayPal. You may not buy an account solely for the inventory. If you buy an account, you are expected to move into that account and have your old account sold/given away/disabled by moderator within 48 hours of purchase. Failure to abide by these conditions may result in a permanent ban of your account(s) and IP address(es) on all of our games.

If you have purchased a new account you must:

  • Notify a moderator (not an administrator) in game. Include a link to your old account, your new account, and a link to the account of the individual who will help you transfer your inventory.
  • WAIT for a response from the moderator giving you the go-ahead.
  • Notify the moderator upon completion of the transfer.
  • Change the email address of your new account to make it current.

The system allows you to have one account associated with an email address, so be sure you have another valid email address you can use.

Once you have moved to your new account, you have 48 hours to either sell/give away your old account, or to send a request to a moderator asking that the account be disabled. Once disabled, you will not be permitted to regain access to it, so we suggest having a recipient lined up before you move to your new account. You may not play the game using both accounts. You may not use both accounts to mug, attack, post on the forum, or to do the daily searches, slots or other cash/item earning/game play/site-related activities. If we find you have done so, both accounts may be banned without warning and you will forfeit the money you spent.

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