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 I am trying to register and the game tells me there are too many accounts on my IP?
Solution If you are logging in from home and not from an Internet Cafe, school, business, etc. then the company you use for your internet connection recycles IP addresses among their users. While this is rare, there are a handful of companies who do this - and it's a real pain for both users and websites.

We're sorry you're encountering this issue.

What we recommend is to first try shutting down your computer and unplugging your modem - both from the electricity and from the cable/DSL connection. Let it sit for two minutes. Plug the cable/DSL connection back in, then the power cord. Reboot your system and try creating an account.

If you use a router in addition to a modem, do a full reset on it as well - your router manufacturer can give you specifics on how to do this with their particular equipment. You might also ask your router manufacturer if you can assign a static IP address to your router.

If none of that works, next step is to contact your internet provider and ask if they will assign you a "static IP address." They'll know what that means. ;) Some charge for this, some don't. If they're trying to charge you for it, you might ask them instead if there is a specific process you can use to force a roll to a new IP if the one you are on is blocked by a site. Just explain the situation to them - even read them this message - that will help them understand what you need and hopefully they can tell you how to achieve it if none of the suggestions we have made here, work. Let them know that our site uses IP logging and tracking methods for site security and there can be no more than three users on an IP address. Explain that you are absolutely permitted to create an account, you just need to be able to roll your IP address.

Again, we're sorry our site security is interfering with your ability to register. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unethical people out there who cheat by creating multiple accounts - and this then cheats all of our users. In order to put a stop to that, we've been forced to enact these security measures and, sadly, users such as yourself are inconvenienced from time to time.

If this does not address your question, please submit a support ticket.

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