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 I have been charged for my purchase but have not recieved it.
Solution We're sorry you are experiencing problems with your order, but rest assured our support team will be happy to resolve any issues you may have.

If you have made a purchase via Credit Card (PayPal or otherwise) and have yet to recieve it after 24 hours then please submit a helpdesk ticket with the following information:

* Which game are you contacting us about?:
* What is your account ID Display Name (the name others see in-game)?:
* What is your account ID Login Name (the name you type in to log into the game)?:
* What is your account ID# (displayed to the left of your name at the top or left side of your screen when logged into a game)?:
* What is the email address associated with the game account?:
* Have any staff members been involved with this issue thus far?:
* A clear and detailed explanation of the problem you encountered - the more information, the better able we are to assist:

If you are contacting us regarding a purchase you made, please provide this additional information:

* How did you make the purchase (PayPal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, etc.)?:
* Did you pay by Credit Card or E-Check?:
* What is the email address associated with the PayPal/Google/Moneybookers account used to make the purchase?:
* What is the first and last name of the purchaser?:
* What date was the purchase made?:
* Which packages were purchased?:
* Is there any other pertinent information you think we need to know about this transaction?:

If you paid by eCheck, new policies may delay the delivery of your purchase until your transaction has cleared your bank and ours.

A Billing Agent will than assist you and help resolve any remaining issues with your purchase order.

Please allow up to 2 business days (not weekends or holidays) for a response.

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