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 How do I contact you for help?
Solution Please search our knowledgebase for a resolution to your issue before contacting our staff.

For assistance in-game with:
  • lost items, cash or points
  • account sales and transfers
  • reports of suspicious activity such as cheating or scamming
  • questions about general game play
  • requesting assistance with harassing communications or behaviors
  • reports of rule violations on our forums, message systems or in game-play
you should contact a moderator in-game for assistance. Moderator's names are in Royal Blue.
Please do not contact an administrator in-game. Go through the moderators first. They will escalate your request to an admin when necessary.

Contact information for moderators in each game can be found here:
Mafia Battle 1925
Mafia Battle 1955
Pirate Quest
Vile City

Mythic Hero Battle users should submit a support ticket

To contact support personnel for assistance with:
  • purchases you have made for your account
  • appealing a ban or a freeze
  • technical support regarding issues using our sites
  • resetting a lost password or login name
you can either submit a support ticket or email us for support.

Assistance with any issue not specifically outlined here should be handled by submitting a support ticket

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