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 What are your guidelines for general player conduct?
Solution The following behaviors may result in a warning, your account being frozen and/or an account and IP ban. Other behaviors not listed here may result in the same penalties if the staff determines that those behaviors interfere with the site operation or normal game play for staff or other members.
  • The use of profanity (except on "R" -rated games), sexual or racial slurs, obscene, harassing or otherwise offensive language in private messages, on the forum, as your user name, as your ship/car name, in your quote, in your signature, or anywhere else on our network
  • Racial or sexual remarks, insults or epithets
  • Threats of physical, emotional or financial harm
  • Sexual harassment
  • Abuse of the message system
  • Using your profile, signature, the message system, newspaper, forum or any other site feature to "trick" other users into an action to your benefit by promising a reward which you do not deliver
  • Abuse of the gaming system's 'attack' feature to harass and intimidate someone outside of normal game play.
  • Attempts to bribe site staff in any way, shape or form
  • Using the forum or message system to harass, intimidate or stalk other members and/or site staff
  • Sending or displaying pornographic, obscene or offensive images
  • Using the message or forum system to share methods of cheating, scamming and/or pirating of software, movies, or music
  • Posting copyrighted images or text without the author/creator's permission
  • Attempting to 'hack,' disrupt or otherwise abuse the gaming system, messages and/or forum
  • Failing to comply immediately with instructions given by a member of staff. You may appeal those instructions after you have complied by contacting us at support@finalmotive.com. The instructions will be reviewed by site administration. You will not receive a response from site administration unless the staff instructions are being overridden.

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