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 Game Guide: An Introduction
Welcome to Havana! From here, you'll learn to explore the seas and islands on which you will find (and hide!) your bounty.

Pirates are a greedy lot, so at the earliest opportunity, you'll want to establish your treasure chest. Since you'll want to bribe the guards to keep your bounty safe, you'll need to put together a little nest egg of $1000 in gold. You might try pillaging a village or buying a treasure map. Throwing the bones or playing Higher/Lower might help build your stash up as well.

Once you've got a little cash in your stash, it's time to make more! You are surrounded by pirates fresh off the sea and loaded down with gold which is, of course, much better off in your treasure chest than theirs. But relieving them of their gold may not be as easy as you think - you need to be stronger, faster and better at defending yourself when they try to stop you, so make sure you get in some training each time your Energy is full.

Some of these pirates have been around a lot longer than you. They're strong and they're tough, and you need to be stronger and tougher. Doing a few petty crimes will help you become a seasoned pirate. After all, the more experience you have, the more underhanded tricks you'll know when you're ready to relieve someone of their purse.

When you're sure you're ready to begin finding potential victims donors to your cause, finding them is easy. Just ask the fortune teller to help you. Remember, though, nothing is free in the world of Pirate Quest, so be prepared to pay her price.

Once the fortune teller has identified some targets for you, stalk them for a bit.
It's not a bad idea to spend a little time spying on them to size up their skills, but make sure you have enough gold to maintain your cover while you do it! If you think you can take them and you see the opportunity - its time to attack and hope you don't end up needing to pay a visit to the Chirurgeon. Of course, if you do find yourself in need of a doctor's services, you can usually bribe them to work their healing magic a little faster. Speaking of bribes, should you ever find yourself "caught in the act" while going about your dastardly deeds, the prison guards are known to be somewhat cooperative when properly motivated.

You're almost ready to explore the bounty waiting for you at sea, but before you do, you'll need to visit the shipyards and get yourself a ship! You might want to stop by the item market and get a few weapons and armor before you leave.

Now you're ready to set sail and begin exploring other ports and the bounty they have waiting for you. Keep a sharp eye out for shipwrecks as you travel - there's gold to be had for the lucky pirates who find them, but be quick! If you're not back in port before another ship finds you, you'll lose it all. When you're back in port, make sure to repair your ship if it is damaged in battle or by your running afoul of the rocks hiding beneath the sea.

Things can be a little confusing when you're still learning your way around the seas and ports, so if you run into trouble, check out our forums where a few scurvy dogs are willing to lend a hand. If you run into real trouble, The Royal Navy can help you find your way. Should you require assistance with your account overall account or purchases, please send an email to support@finalmotive.com

Good luck, and happy pirating!

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