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 How do I engage in a battle at sea?
Make sure you are on the home page. Click on Plundering At Sea to enter the water. The mini-map will show you where you are in location to other ports. The Expand Map feature will allow you an overview of the entire map, though it will not show you specifically where you are. Make sure you have taken some gold out of your treasure chest, you will need to pay a fee to get into each port!

Use the arrow keys to navigate your way around the map. Watch out for rocks! They will damage your ship. If you click to move and seem to be stalled, chances are good you've hit some rocks.

Watch the area just below the map - it will tell you when you're close to a port, and how much it will cost you to enter the port. It will also tell you if there are other ships in the area you can attack - or who may be planning to attack you!

If you see a ship you would like to attack, click on the name of the ship in the menu below the map. This will take you to the profile screen of the owner of the ship. A sloop is the lowest level ship available. You want to make sure you're not trying to attack a ship bigger than you, like a Schooner or a Merchant Vessel. If you're ready to proceed, click "Attack Ship" to launch an attack on your opponent and hope for the best!

Don't forget, when you are out to sea, it takes supplies to keep your crew happy. If you run out, they may threaten to mutiny, and you'll either have to get into port immediately or refill your supplies by paying with points. Don't get caught out at sea without supplies!

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